Step 1

Keep in mind that the person making a request of you may have a genuine need for your help or may be seeking some attention from you to feel connected or even important. Either way, they're approaching you because they have an aspiration and believe that you might be a conduit for their success.

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Step 2

The attitude of gratitude is a secret success factor for many great leaders. It is the engine that propels the cycle of giving and receiving. It allows you to produce a safe space of creative risk among your allies and even adversaries. It's actually pretty simple.

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Step 5

Just take a look at some TV Game shows...we can learn something valuable from them. They’ve perfected the act of celebrating people by rewarding the winners with grand prizes AND ALSO giving "parting gifts" or "consolation prizes" to contestants who did not win the game. 

It is a generous way of saying: "I recognize your courage to appear and engage with me, and that, in itself, is praiseworthy."

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Steven Lozada

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He is a professional Ontological Coach, certified Executive and Team Performance Coach, and a certified coach in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ). Steven is an Assessments Certified Practitioner (ACP) with 24x7 Assessments and is an approved recertification provider for SHRM and HRCI. 

Steven also has an International Coach Federation (ICF) approved coaching program The Coaching Trust Project: Conversational Competencies for Success.

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